First AirVūz Drone Video Awards


AirVūz, a drone video and photography sharing platform, has organized the first edition of its “AirVūz Drone Video Awards” and has just announced the winners. Here are the winning videos. Get ready to be shaken.

Since its launch in 2015, AirVūz has become the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform and global community for drone pilots and aerial media enthusiasts.

This year they decided to organize the first-ever AirVūz Drone Video Awards which was a real success as tens of thousands of drone videos from around the world have been sent.

Here is a (very personal) selection of some of the videos that won this competition. If you want to see them all, click here.

“Flight of the Year” by Paul Nurkkala

“Flight of the Year” (le vol de l’année) is pretty spectacular. The pilot Paul Nurkkala shows us all his dexterity to control his drone in a video that moves in all directions.

Credit: Paul Nurkkala

Moscow Russia Aerial Drone 5K de

Beautiful aerial views of Moscow (capital of Russia), smoothly realized by


Aerial Yoga Studio × Tiny Whoop

Not easy to mix two disciplines such as shooting with drone and yoga. But that’s what Tiny Whoop did brilliantly in this very zen video.


Cardboard Cadet

Cardboard Cadet is a very original video telling the epic story of a little boy who dreams of flying with his cardboard plane.

Credit: Chris Castor

Majestic Beast Nanuk

Majestic Beast Nanuk (polar bear in Inuktitut, Inuit dialect), shows us images of a moving beauty of a polar bear family from the far north.

Credit: Florian Ledoux

This is Yunnan

“This is Yunnan” takes us discovering the ancient Chinese city, millenary rice paddies fields of Yuanyang classified as a Unesco world heritage site, the incredible Songzanlin Tibetan monastery.

Credit: Face du Monde


A short film showcasing the beauty of the desert, forest, ocean, winter, summer, and more all from very unique perspectives. The film challenges the audience to view things in more than one way. To see that just by changing your perspective, something can come to life and become beautiful in a new way.

Credit: Jay Worsley

Awaken – Iceland

An aerial exploration of a land galvanized in ice. Discover the unseen on a visual journey through the volcanic beating heart of Iceland’s glacial landscape. From Landmannalaugar, deep within the highlands, to Thorsmork, the hidden Garden of Thor.

Credit: Mike Bishop

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