An aurora borealis in real time

aurora borealis

Many aurora borealis time-lapse videos can be found on the internet but perhaps, like me, you have wondered what the phenomenon looks like in real time? And fortunately, that is exactly what this video shot in Yellowknife in the north of Canada by photographer Kwon O Chul shows. It is simply amazing.

If you’re unfamiliar, aurora borealis (as it’s called in the Northern Hemisphere, aurora australis in the Southern Hemisphere) is a phenomenon caused by the interaction between charged particles of solar winds and a high atmosphere. They are produced primarily in regions close to magnetic poles. In the case of intense solar magnetic activity, the auroral arc extends and begins to invade zones much closer to the equator, but the regions most effected by the phenomenon are still Greenland, Lapland, Alaska, Antarctica, the north of Canada and Iceland. (source)

As a bonus, I give you a lovely video compiling some of the best shots from this talented photographer.

Source: Kwon O Chul

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