« what if animals were round ? » – Rollin’Wild

Rollin’Wild is a really funny series of short animated films that ask a simple question: How would it be

Amazing dogs portraits by Elke Vogelsang

German photographer Elke Vogelsang has turned her photo camera towards some cute pups and with the help of some

5 short animated about love

Here I have selected 5 short animation films with love as the common theme. They are the best ones

Wildlife Crossing – Short animated film

Animal Crossing is a witty story about a small but determined snail boy who must cross a hectic highway

6 funny short animated films about death

Here I have selected 6 short animation films with death as the common theme. But rest assured, there is

Customized Snails

This is quite a strange idea: turning snail shells into art, while their viscous owners still live in there.

Oktapodi – a short animated very funny

Oktapodi is an animated short film which dates back to 2007 and has received around twenty of the most

Ruin – A futuristic short animated

RUIN est un court-métrage 3D assez impressionnant par sa qualité graphique. L’action se déroule dans un univers post-apocalyptique. On

Brain Divided – animated short film

Animation and cinema schools sometimes (and even often) produce some amazing stuff. Here we have an example through this

Five Hilarious animated shorts from Bird Box Studio

Here we have some short animation films produced by the Bird Box studio. These films are very short but

Paperman – Animated short

Paperman: Poetic, romantic and funny… there is an inexhaustible amount of words that can be used to describe this

JohnnyExpress – Cruel but funny animated short

JohnnyExpress is a short animation movie directed by a small South Korean studio, Alfred Imageworks. This movie is filled