heartwarming Photos of Children and Their Pets by Elena Shumilova

Elena Shumilova photographs her children with their pets and the result is so cute and so sweet. I just

Yehuda Devir draws his funny and adorable life with his wife

Yehuda Devir is an Israel based illustrator who tells through his drawings the daily life he lives with his

Traveling Cars Adventures by Kim Leuenberger

Let’s discover the world of Kim Leuenberger, author of this series of images titled « Traveling Cars Adventures ».

Customized Snails

This is quite a strange idea: turning snail shells into art, while their viscous owners still live in there.

The fantastic world of John Wilhelm

John Wilhelm’s universe is made up of strange stuff sometimes. His world is certainly inhabited by his partner Judith

Brain Divided – animated short film

Animation and cinema schools sometimes (and even often) produce some amazing stuff. Here we have an example through this

Paperman – Animated short

Paperman: Poetic, romantic and funny… there is an inexhaustible amount of words that can be used to describe this