Perfect timing photography

To take a good photo, one must be in the right place at the right time and sometimes must

How to create truth from falsehood

Here is a small selection of comical images found online. The theme here is “how to create truth from

The fantastic world of John Wilhelm

John Wilhelm’s universe is made up of strange stuff sometimes. His world is certainly inhabited by his partner Judith

Brain Divided – animated short film

Animation and cinema schools sometimes (and even often) produce some amazing stuff. Here we have an example through this

Five Hilarious animated shorts from Bird Box Studio

Here we have some short animation films produced by the Bird Box studio. These films are very short but

Aerial scenes by Li Wei

Li Wei is a humorous photographer who particularly likes aerial settings. This Chinese artist is a hell of an

Photoshopped hybrids animals

Specialists of the popular image manipulation software, Photoshop lack neither talent nor imagination. Below you can find some samples

JohnnyExpress – Cruel but funny animated short

JohnnyExpress is a short animation movie directed by a small South Korean studio, Alfred Imageworks. This movie is filled