The art of stone balancing

Michael Grab has mastered the art of stone balancing. He explains how he does it. “The most fundamental element

Blackout City, London in the dark

In a metropolis like London light pollution makes the night sky invisible. Only a few of the brightest stars

National Geographic photo contest 2014

The National Geographic Photo Contest has just ended and I invite you to discover the winning images of this

Before they pass away

There are now only a few of them. Only a handful of men, women and children scattered around what

The most beautiful infrared photographies

Have you ever heard of infrared photography? This is, however, not a new technique as the first infrared publications

El Teide Volcano Time Lapse

Time-lapse videos, that we enjoy so much, often show us splendid images, but they also enable us to discover

Erik Johansson – A limitless imagination

Erik Johansson is a swedish photographer and artist who possesses a great talent topped with a very fertile imagination.

Perfect timing photography

To take a good photo, one must be in the right place at the right time and sometimes must

Light painting by Darren Pearson

Light painting is a photographic shooting technique. It consists of using a long exposure time in a dark environment

Discover China with time lapse

Do you fancy a short trip to China and Tibet? Last year, a group of Chinese photographers shot two

Katerina Plotnikova’s dream world

Photographs of Katerina Plotnikova immerse us in a fantastic, poetic world, made of wild creatures and young girls in

Max Rive – magnificent mountains pics

Though Max Rive has affirmed that he has only been involved in photography since 2009, we have a bit

Morning Views From My Tent

Imagine: you wake up peacefully to the fresh morning, open the zipper of your tent, and there, right in

Perseid Meteor Shower Time Lapse

Here again we have a spectacular time lapse video. This time we have opted for a change in setting

The fantastic world of John Wilhelm

John Wilhelm’s universe is made up of strange stuff sometimes. His world is certainly inhabited by his partner Judith

The small world of Michael Paul Smith

Michael Paul Smith is what you might call a passionate person, but after having glanced at the work he

Aerial scenes by Li Wei

Li Wei is a humorous photographer who particularly likes aerial settings. This Chinese artist is a hell of an

Photoshopped hybrids animals

Specialists of the popular image manipulation software, Photoshop lack neither talent nor imagination. Below you can find some samples