National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 contest, people

The Photographer of the Year 2018 Contest organized by National Geographic Travel has just ended and we had some

Timelapse of the entire Universe

This Stunning video depicts all 13 billion years of time unfolding on a 10 minutes scale, from the Big

Martin Heck takes us on a journey with his beautiful videos in 4K

Martin Heck is a globe-trotter who makes beautiful movies in 4K. Here are some of his most beautiful videos.

First AirVūz Drone Video Awards

AirVūz, a drone video and photography sharing platform, has organized the first edition of its “AirVūz Drone Video Awards”

A gigantic 7-mile wide solar system model

On the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar

The magnificent trees of Beth Moon

American photographer Beth Moon’s stunning images capture the power and mystery of the world’s remaining ancient trees. These hoary

When ice becomes art

When ice becomes art. Lakes and ponds might look nice, but the cold of winter just elevates them to

Supercell Thunderstorms Animated

Ominous Supercell Thunderstorms Animated from a Single Photograph by Mike Hollingshead. Storm chaser Mike Hollingshead, has taken his editing

Before they pass away

There are now only a few of them. Only a handful of men, women and children scattered around what

The Most Striking WWF Campaigns

Founded in 1961, the WWF (World Wide Fund) has never given up when it comes to fighting for the

Maldives: Beaches that may not be paradise

Alison Teal is a traveller who is not afraid of much. She went to the Maldives to show the

Max Rive – magnificent mountains pics

Though Max Rive has affirmed that he has only been involved in photography since 2009, we have a bit

An aurora borealis in real time

Many aurora borealis time-lapse videos can be found on the internet but perhaps, like me, you have wondered what

Explosive eruption of Mount Tavurvur

These impressive images have been filmed several days ago by an Australian tourist who was witnessing the explosive eruption

Perseid Meteor Shower Time Lapse

Here again we have a spectacular time lapse video. This time we have opted for a change in setting

Felix Baumgartner, jump into the stars

Only 2 years ago, on the 14th of October 2012, Felix Baumgartner did a performance that the whole world

Earth view from the ISS in time lapse

This magical and emotional video showcases some mind-blowing time-lapse images of Earth taken from space on board of the

Wonders of the mineral world

Here we have a set of unbelievable images from the mineral world around us. These stones have astonishing and