Impressive wingsuit flight with a 360° GoPro

A superb wingsuit flight through the clouds over Queensland, Australia, filmed with a 360° GoPro camera I had already

The Breathtaking World of Freediving

Freediving is probably one of the most dangerous sport on Earth, where men and women push themselves to their

Robbie Maddison and his incredible dirtbike acrobatics

Focus on the most fabulous exploits of Robbie Maddison, one of the best freestyle dirtbike champions. Robbie Maddison well

Downhill at 70mph on a skateboard

Skateboard : I propose you two spectacular and astonishing videos showing young professionals skateboarders tumbling down a mountain road

Skiing In a Lit-Up Suit

This video which was shot in Canada shows some skiers sliding down mountains dressed in suits made up entirely

Danny Macaskill, a two-wheeled acrobat

Danny Macaskill is a particularly skilled professional mountain bike trialist. This Scottish sportsman was born in 1985 and has

Extreme bikers – Red Bull Rampage

Extreme bikers – Red Bull Rampage Source: Source:

Wingsuit, these incredible birdmen

Flying with a wingsuit which as the name suggests, is a suit with wings, is most probably the most