Tom Bob, the street artist who brings inanimate objects to life

Here are some of the creations of Tom Bob, a street artist based in NY whose imagination is as

A couple of artists build their own island in Canada

This Canadian couple built this little piece of paradise with their hands and have been living there for 26

The disturbing makeup of Dain Yoon

Dain Yoon is undeniably the queen of makeup. For several years now she has been making sensation on Instagram

Snowplough train

YouTuber and train enthusiast containerman2, whose real name is Darren, recorded what he calls an “EPIC CATCH!!!”. A winter

Craziest haircuts ever

For some people, the bowl haircut or the emo flap works out just fine. For others, they need a

The most breathtaking places in the world

If you are afraid of altitude, I strongly advise you to not go to one of these places I’ll

Customized Snails

This is quite a strange idea: turning snail shells into art, while their viscous owners still live in there.

Objects Brought to Life

We might all possibly have at least once in our life gotten the impression when looking at a particular

Light painting by Darren Pearson

Light painting is a photographic shooting technique. It consists of using a long exposure time in a dark environment

How to create truth from falsehood

Here is a small selection of comical images found online. The theme here is “how to create truth from

Aerial scenes by Li Wei

Li Wei is a humorous photographer who particularly likes aerial settings. This Chinese artist is a hell of an

Felix Baumgartner, jump into the stars

Only 2 years ago, on the 14th of October 2012, Felix Baumgartner did a performance that the whole world

Photoshopped hybrids animals

Specialists of the popular image manipulation software, Photoshop lack neither talent nor imagination. Below you can find some samples