Danny Macaskill, a two-wheeled acrobat

Danny Macaskill

Danny Macaskill is a particularly skilled professional mountain bike trialist. This Scottish sportsman was born in 1985 and has regularly appeared on videos that have gone viral across the web. He has even started his cinema career as he has played the stunt double of the lead actor of the movie Premium Rush in 2012, performing mountain bike stunts. I have chosen three of his videos showing his talent below: the first one was published in the beginning of October 2014 and was shot close to his home in the Scottish mountains, the second one was shot in Epecuen, a small village close to Buenos Aires in Argentina which was devastated by a flood in 1985 (weird idea for a playground) and lastly, the third video was shot again in Scotland but in an abandoned factory this time.

Source: dannymacaskill.co.uk

Source: dannymacaskill.co.uk

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