El Teide Volcano Time Lapse

TSO Photography

Time-lapse videos, that we enjoy so much, often show us splendid images, but they also enable us to discover places that we might not know about or to rediscover known places in a different angle. After the amazing videos from Lisbon, Paris, Moscow or the splendid trips to China, you will this time get to travel to the island of Tenerife, found in the Canaries archipelagos in Spain. Photographer Terje Sørgjerd has opted for the highest volcano in Europe, the Mount Teide which reaches 3718 meters high, to realize what he has qualified as his most tiring expedition. He has, during one whole week, traveled the steep slopes of this huge mountain in search of the best settings. Through his expedition he has carried all of his photography gears and has slept about 2 to 3 hours only per night. This is an epic adventure that was certainly worth all the pain.

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As a bonus, you will also find two equally wonderful videos from the same creator, this time both of them were shot in Norway.

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