Impressive wingsuit flight with a 360° GoPro

wingsuit 360

A superb wingsuit flight through the clouds over Queensland, Australia, filmed with a 360° GoPro camera

I had already spoke you about this extreme sport in a post called « Wingsuit, these incredible birdmen ». I’ll talk about it here again because I just found a pretty impressive video where we see two wingsuiters, Luke Rogers and Chris Byrnes, jumping from a plane. Nothing new you will tell me but where it becomes interesting is that one of them is equipped with a GoPro camera that films in 360°!

You probably know this type of video which allows you to choose your angle of view with the mouse or your finger for touch devices, and see everything that happens around as if we were there and that we simply turned our heads. The result is really impressive, especially for this video shot in the sky.

And, the cherry on the cake, the two wingsuiters don’t jump, as it’s mostly the case in a limpid sky where we see only a pure and blue sky above and the Earth below, but across huge clouds, which gives an extra dimension to these images but especially makes their flight much more exciting and spectacular.



As a bonus, here is a Jeb Corliss video entitled « Wing Suit Cloud Surfing 4K » and filmed by Todd Davis. Both also fly through the clouds and even if it’s not filmed in 360° (but in 4K anyway), it’s still magical.

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