Nick de Wit’s Spectacular Stunt

Nick de wit

This video has gone quite viral lately. It shows Nick de Wit, a skilled biker performing a backflip above a low-flying plane piloted by Glen Dell, an aerial acrobat (who unfortunately lost his life some time later following an accident during an aerial show in South Africa). This performance has required 2 years of preparation for its successful realization. However, upon seeing this video, it seemed to me that I have seen something similar two or three years ago. And by browsing through Youtube, I have found the video which dates from the 13th January 2012. In this video you can watch Czech biker Petr Pilat performing the same stunt. Anyway, this does not change the fact that this is a true feat. Moreover, a similar stunt (but without a backflip) was performed last summer during the Cameron Airshow 2014 (watch at 2:53 on the third video). As a bonus and to remain in the theme of stunts involving planes/bikes, I had to show you this fourth video of Robbie Maddison. Here this skilled biker rides a monocycle and uses an aircraft boneyard as playground. I’ll let you discover for yourselves.

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