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First AirVūz Drone Video Awards

AirVūz, a drone video and photography sharing platform, has organized the first edition of its “AirVūz Drone Video Awards”

Martin Reisch’s photos that remind of 80’s Nintendo games

Martin Reisch’s photographs, taken with his drone and where we discover landscapes seen from above, offer a very aesthetic

Best Vimeo Staff Picks of decade

Here are 10 videos which represent in my opinion the best of the videos selected by the «

Traveling Cars Adventures by Kim Leuenberger

Let’s discover the world of Kim Leuenberger, author of this series of images titled « Traveling Cars Adventures ».

Amazing dogs portraits by Elke Vogelsang

German photographer Elke Vogelsang has turned her photo camera towards some cute pups and with the help of some

Day to Night by Stephen Wilkes

For more than two decades, Stephen Wilkes has been widely recognized for his fine art and editorial photography. His

Where the children sleep by Magnus Wennman

The war in Syria has continued for almost five years and more than two million children are fleeing the

The art of photo retouching by Featherwax studio

Founded in 2012, Featherwax is a Creative Production Studio based in London which works for customers as McDonalds, Microsoft,

A gigantic 7-mile wide solar system model

On the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar

Downhill at 70mph on a skateboard

Skateboard : I propose you two spectacular and astonishing videos showing young professionals skateboarders tumbling down a mountain road

Stormtrooper’s life by Darryll Jones

British artist and photographer Darryl Jones claims, “I have toys. They want me to take pictures.” And so he

Abandoned places by Andy Lee

Andy Lee is a creative photographer from Pembroke, United Kingdom. This series of expressive landscape photographs is a journey

Winners of the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

The winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2015 have just been announced. Winning first prize, Anuar Patjane

The magnificent trees of Beth Moon

American photographer Beth Moon’s stunning images capture the power and mystery of the world’s remaining ancient trees. These hoary

5 short animated about love

Here I have selected 5 short animation films with love as the common theme. They are the best ones

Wildlife Crossing – Short animated film

Animal Crossing is a witty story about a small but determined snail boy who must cross a hectic highway

Funny magic with Zach King

Do you know Zach King? He is an American Vine star, film-maker and YouTube personality based in Los Angeles.

When ice becomes art

When ice becomes art. Lakes and ponds might look nice, but the cold of winter just elevates them to