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Snowplough train

YouTuber and train enthusiast containerman2, whose real name is Darren, recorded what he calls an “EPIC CATCH!!!”. A winter

6 funny short animated films about death

Here I have selected 6 short animation films with death as the common theme. But rest assured, there is

Supercell Thunderstorms Animated

Ominous Supercell Thunderstorms Animated from a Single Photograph by Mike Hollingshead. Storm chaser Mike Hollingshead, has taken his editing

Best portraits of the Web

Portrait photography is perhaps the most powerful tool we have for connecting people across continents and cultures; it spans

The art of stone balancing

Michael Grab has mastered the art of stone balancing. He explains how he does it. “The most fundamental element

Coffee around The World

Coffee Around The World, a small video which reveals the different ways to prepare a good coffee, with local

Craziest haircuts ever

For some people, the bowl haircut or the emo flap works out just fine. For others, they need a

Blackout City, London in the dark

In a metropolis like London light pollution makes the night sky invisible. Only a few of the brightest stars

“Breath”, an inspiring video

A film about the invisible life-force… I’ll not tell you more about it, it’s just powerful and beautiful… Breath

The most breathtaking places in the world

If you are afraid of altitude, I strongly advise you to not go to one of these places I’ll

Impressive Royal Maces in action

The U.S. Navy’s VFA-27 “Royal Maces” fighter squadron presents a teaser to their full-length 2013-2014 cruise video: “Shoot ‘Em

National Geographic photo contest 2014

The National Geographic Photo Contest has just ended and I invite you to discover the winning images of this

Customized Snails

This is quite a strange idea: turning snail shells into art, while their viscous owners still live in there.

Nick de Wit’s Spectacular Stunt

This video has gone quite viral lately. It shows Nick de Wit, a skilled biker performing a backflip above

Before they pass away

There are now only a few of them. Only a handful of men, women and children scattered around what

The most beautiful infrared photographies

Have you ever heard of infrared photography? This is, however, not a new technique as the first infrared publications

Digital District’s Special Effects

Digital District is a French post-production company specializing in visual effects and animations for movies and advertising. They have

Skiing In a Lit-Up Suit

This video which was shot in Canada shows some skiers sliding down mountains dressed in suits made up entirely