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The Most Striking WWF Campaigns

Founded in 1961, the WWF (World Wide Fund) has never given up when it comes to fighting for the

Objects Brought to Life

We might all possibly have at least once in our life gotten the impression when looking at a particular

El Teide Volcano Time Lapse

Time-lapse videos, that we enjoy so much, often show us splendid images, but they also enable us to discover

Erik Johansson – A limitless imagination

Erik Johansson is a swedish photographer and artist who possesses a great talent topped with a very fertile imagination.

Danny Macaskill, a two-wheeled acrobat

Danny Macaskill is a particularly skilled professional mountain bike trialist. This Scottish sportsman was born in 1985 and has

Oktapodi – a short animated very funny

Oktapodi is an animated short film which dates back to 2007 and has received around twenty of the most

Perfect timing photography

To take a good photo, one must be in the right place at the right time and sometimes must

Light painting by Darren Pearson

Light painting is a photographic shooting technique. It consists of using a long exposure time in a dark environment

How to create truth from falsehood

Here is a small selection of comical images found online. The theme here is “how to create truth from

Maldives: Beaches that may not be paradise

Alison Teal is a traveller who is not afraid of much. She went to the Maldives to show the

Discover China with time lapse

Do you fancy a short trip to China and Tibet? Last year, a group of Chinese photographers shot two

Katerina Plotnikova’s dream world

Photographs of Katerina Plotnikova immerse us in a fantastic, poetic world, made of wild creatures and young girls in

Spectacularly talented bikers

« Wow »… Is the first word that came to mind upon seeing videos produced by ICON Motosports. It

Max Rive – magnificent mountains pics

Though Max Rive has affirmed that he has only been involved in photography since 2009, we have a bit

Hyper realistic drawings by Marcello Barenghi

Marcello Barenghi is without a doubt very talented, but what is truly remarkable about him is his eye. He

An aurora borealis in real time

Many aurora borealis time-lapse videos can be found on the internet but perhaps, like me, you have wondered what

In Reverse, a campaign to not forget Syria

The #WithSyria mouvement which struggles to put an end to the attacks on the civil population of Syria, has

Explosive eruption of Mount Tavurvur

These impressive images have been filmed several days ago by an Australian tourist who was witnessing the explosive eruption