Impressive wingsuit flight with a 360° GoPro

A superb wingsuit flight through the clouds over Queensland, Australia, filmed with a 360° GoPro camera I had already

Timelapse of the entire Universe

This Stunning video depicts all 13 billion years of time unfolding on a 10 minutes scale, from the Big

Robbie Maddison and his incredible dirtbike acrobatics

Focus on the most fabulous exploits of Robbie Maddison, one of the best freestyle dirtbike champions. Robbie Maddison well

A couple of artists build their own island in Canada

This Canadian couple built this little piece of paradise with their hands and have been living there for 26

Martin Heck takes us on a journey with his beautiful videos in 4K

Martin Heck is a globe-trotter who makes beautiful movies in 4K. Here are some of his most beautiful videos.

First AirVūz Drone Video Awards

AirVūz, a drone video and photography sharing platform, has organized the first edition of its “AirVūz Drone Video Awards”

Wildlife Crossing – Short animated film

Animal Crossing is a witty story about a small but determined snail boy who must cross a hectic highway

JohnnyExpress – Cruel but funny animated short

JohnnyExpress is a short animation movie directed by a small South Korean studio, Alfred Imageworks. This movie is filled

Paris, Lisbon and Moscow in hyperlapse

You would be wowed by three amazing videos. These videos have been filmed in hyperlapse. This is a technique