« what if animals were round ? » – Rollin’Wild


Rollin’Wild is a really funny series of short animated films that ask a simple question: How would it be if animals became round overnight?

I really laughed when I discovered these very short animation films from the Rollin’Wild series. It shows how animals, and predators in particular, survive while they are inflated like hot air balloons. *SPOILER* : actually, not very well.

These include a crocodile, a cheetah, ibex, a dog, zebras, pigs and even a giraffe for whom life is transformed into a real nightmare, giving rise to extremely funny situations.

This series by Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow started with 4 episodes in 2012. The success was almost immediate and the creators decided to create their own studio “Flying Stone” in order to continue the series. Gradually, others have been added and still others are in progress.

Here are 5 videos: The first two are compilations of some episodes and the last 3 are single episodes.

Rollin’Wild: Site Web | Youtube

Rollin’Wild: Site Web | Youtube

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